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Observations by Fr. Michael Trainor on the March For Life

March for Life
I once again joined the parish trip to D.C. for the March for Life. Each year it always amazes me to see so many people from all walks of life come out to try and save the lives of the unborn. The age ranges from very young to very old, there are people there from all the states and this year I even noticed that there was a group from Canada.
This year there were a couple of things that changed for me. First, I was able to get ahead of the march and from top of capital hill it was amazing to look back and see the sea of people marching together, praying together and standing together for this so important cause.
I also had the disappointment of being told that Mr. Obama was not in D.C. that he had left town. I knew he does not stand with us but rather is opposed to us. However, I have never known a president to leave town to avoid us until this year. I do not see this as a reason to get discouraged but rather it is a reason for us to keep up the fight and to push even harder for a change in attitude. I have great hope for the number of young people that attend the march continues to grow and they are the future. I truly feel up lifted knowing they are the up and coming generation and have the true hope that they will be a generation of life and a generation that will only elect those that respect life.
We must keep praying, we must elect pro-life politicians and we must trust in God. The day will come that the lives of the innocent unborn will be protected under the law.
God Bless you all, Fr. Michael

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